Meet the Team

Meet Tartan Goat Candle Co.

We are a mother/daughter duo who set out to find a hobby that we could enjoy together. We both love candles, but found that we would get headaches when burning candles that don't use natural ingredients. We did some research and found that all natural soy wax was the best and safest wax to burn. We also fell in love with the idea of a crackling wooden wick. This is how we began our adventure in making small batch, hand poured, all natural soy candles with a wooden wick. We work really well as a team because we each enjoy different parts of the business.

The Mother Goat

My name is Wendy. I am a wife, a mother of 4 children and a grandmother of 9. Of all my children, I have one daughter. We have a lot of common interests, and we both really fell in love with this new business idea. Being retired gives me time to pursue a new found passion, making candles!

The Daughter Goat

My name is Shannon. I am a wife, and a new mom. I work in the emergency services field and I was actively looking for a hobby outside of work. Not only have I found a hobby, but I found something that both my mother and I absolutely love doing together.



Why "Tartan Goat"?

Fun fact about our name; we chose Tartan Goat to represent our Scottish heritage. A tartan is a plaid pattern that is associated with the clans of Scotland - each clan has their own specific tartan!  And goats.. why not goats?